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Every piece that we work on involves detailed study and preparation using exactly the right tools, burs, polishers and glass.  We constantly look for just the exact touch and sense of purpose. We hope that we are able to meet your needs through out calligraphic and engraving skills. We hope you enjoy seeing our work and thanks for looking...

"Step-by-Step"... You Can Learn How to Engrave...see how it is done and learn yourself! $59.95 including shipping! USA only please

How We Do Our Work...

Thanks for seeing our website... we hope  you get to know who we are a little better!

Yes, we are identical twins!  We have enjoyed countless hours working both singly and together in our individual studios located in northern Utah.  We are able to collaborate on group projects as well as provide individual services for those who are considering unique projects to be engraved.

We have done our work for countless persons and companies since graduating from Brigham Young University in 1967. We have lived all of our lives in the western United States, including Nevada, Utah, California and Texas.  We are comfortable  calling this home and have dedicated our work to this part of America.

We teach calligraphy at a Utah college as well and have written a book on glass engraving, "Glass Engraving: Using Today's Tools and Methods."

We have done calligraphic work and glass work for major institutions throughout this part of the country including glass engraving for Nordstrom, Dillard's, Macy's and numerous other entities.  Thousands of people can attest to the quality of our work as we engrave their favorite fragrance bottles during special times of the year as well as providing services to many other international organizations, churches and corporations.

The works that you see here represent a small part of the work that we continue to do. Some of the work is for sale and others are NSF (not for sale).  They simply represent the many various motifs that we enjoy engraving in glass.  If you have a particular item yhou would like to consider for engraving, please contact us at your convenience.  

​​​Tate Glass Engraving    

Glass Engraving: Using Today's Tools and Methods... This text book will help you to enjoy doing what we do!  We have had many people ask, "How do you do that!" Here is a 100+ page book detailing how we are able to engrave in glass and show you step-by-step what you can do to achieve similar (and maybe better results)! 

If you are interested, simply email your name and address for shipping information.  Payment to be made by check or money order to Don Tate at 12891 S. Long Tail Dr., Draper, UT 84020. 

We are delighted to share the works of other talented glass engravers and invite you to see what they do as well!  If you would like your website shown below... just send us an email and we shall see what we can do!

Studios High in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah

Living and working high in the mountains of the Salt Lake City area, we enjoy the beauty of both mountains and the vast desert scenery with its rich history of pioneers, native Americans and the wildlife associated with the Inter-mountain West of the United States.  

It provides a unique insight to the western frontier and its grandeur with mountains and skies that never seem to end.  Because of this beauty with all its richness and history, we are privileged to add our artistic touch to American art.  

Feel free to look through the numerous examples of work that we have done and ask if there is something that we can do for you.  We are pleased to answer your questions via Contact Us.  Drop us a line, call us or contact us in a way that is most convenient to you.  Perhaps we can add western beauty, calligraphic excellence or something unusual to your art or glass collection. Thank you for looking!

Whether we use time-tested alphabet styles, creative alphabets, traditional engraving of Victorian themes or contemporary Western styles and motifs, we want to please even the most discriminating tastes. Let us know how we can help you.