Example only... we can engrave invitations and similar calligraphic works for you. Request pricing, please.

5 oblique pen holders and nibs, 6" x 12"  $140.00; 3 oblique pen holders 6" x 9", $100.00  3 oblique pen holders, silver added, nibs and quill pen, 6" x 9"  $115.00;

Private collection - NSF

Private collection of engraver NFS

Special holidays and seasons always present gift opportunities for both stores and the customers.

We hope you have enjoyed our site!  Please feel free to contact us for questions about our work at your leisure.

Horse head - engraved and colored 6" x 9" $120.00

Due to Federal laws, we are restricted how we can mail alcoholic beverages. 

Perhaps we can assist you in many other ways such as coming to your place of business.  Contact us and let's discuss what we can do to help you with your personal or commercial/retail needs. Thanks!

Engraving for Commercial Entities

Monogram, red glass, example of how this is done NSF; Today is the First Day uncial calligraphy 6" x 9" $95.00; Spencerian Master Penmen engraved in Spencerian,  $70.00 

Young girl with parasol 6" x 9" bevel glass $120.00;      Girl with rifle 6" x 9" bevel glass $200.00;     Bobcat 6" x 9" bevel glass $105.00

​​​Tate Glass Engraving    


Dinosaur in egg, 6" x 9" $150.00; Tiger stripped frog, light green and gold, 6" x 9" 115.00; Flourished bird, 6" x 9" $115.00

Beetle 6" x 9" bevel glass $135.00

Football player, 6" x 9" beveled glass, $135.00; Basketball player 6" x 9", beveled glass $135.00 

Whether it is engraving a wrist watch or a desiring a special message on a tiny fragrance bottle, we may be able to help you.  We have engraved thousands of fragrance bottles from many retailers nationwide.  Let's discuss how we can help you or your company!

Rosenthal hearts!  Limited number and color available. Maximum words 5 words engraved for only $39.00!  


Your choice of a chicken!  Each is hand engraved, inland with color, 4" x 5 5/8" only $90.00 each

Private collection - NSF

Fragrance Bottles

Best Friends with bird flourish, 6" x9" $95.00; To My Beautiful Wife, 5" 7 1/8" red glass, $110.00; Charity is the love 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" $110.00

Private collection - NFS

Private collection - NFS

Wine Bottles Hand Engraved

Gifts for Others

We often provide our calligraphic skills for such major companies as Nordstrom, Dillard's Macy's and other retail stores for specified products for their valued customers.

We do not provide any laser or sandblasting. All work done is 100% hand engraved for every item.

All fragrance bottles sold

Joseph Smith, Jr. bust 6" x 9" $135.00

 Beetle 3" x 4" crystal glass, engraved in color inlay, $90.00