to high quality glass engraving where our emphasis is the Western United States, its customs, the natural beauty, animals and birds, the people and its wonderful history.  As native sons of the American West, we add our craftsmanship, quality glass engraved products to our customers' desire for high quality and unusual glass art.  

We have enjoyed long standing international reputations for excellent calligraphic skills and emphasis with our art on glass and crystal.  No template is used for any of our work. 

The quality of the glass engraved will vary from crystal to the tougher glass that each of us may see each day.

Considerable time has been spent on each piece to make certain it meets the highest standards.

What is the difference between "hand engraved glass and other glass art"? Hand engraved glass uses only carbide burs, stones, diamond burs, and polishers of many kinds. There is no sand blasting, pastes, creams or laser engraving on our glass.  It is strictly hand engraved with a Foredom or Dental Drill.

Should you have a particular need for a special subject, we are happy to discuss with your specific requirements to avoid any possible errors on either your part or our part.

See our many "one-of-a-kind" items... more added weekly!

We are up at the world famous Sundance Festival with thousands of skiers and wannabes who are out having a good time and celebrating. Many folks stopped by to get a chalice filled with their beverage of choice, Stella Artois, visit with friends and await the viewing of the movies that are yet to be.  We were able to engrave with Ms. Akoko Okeyo from southern California! Great to meet her and see her great work! 

You can see that we had to take the ski lift to get up to the Stella Artois designated area on the side of a mountain with hundreds of skiers all around us.  We were able to do the engraving on a Stella Artois chalice for the many skiers and other folks who had just come down the mountain side on a very cold snowy and cold day!

Engraving events and locations 2016

  • April 30:       Nordstrom - Salt Lake City Fashion Place
  • May 6:          Macy's - Coty Prestige - Salt Lake City
  • May 7:          Macy's - Coty Prestige - Layton, Utah
  • May 8:          Macy's - Coty Prestige - Valley Fair Mall, Salt Lake City
  • June 11:        Macy's - Coty Prestige - Valley Fair Mall, Salt Lake City
  • June 17:        Dillard's Provo, UT
  • June 18:        Macy's - Coty Prestige - Valley Fair Mall, Salt Lake City
  • June 19:        Dillard's - Coty Prestige - Valley Fair Mall, Salt Lake City
  • August 13:     Dillard's  Fashion Place- Coty Prestige -  Salt Lake City
  • August 19:     Dillard's Provo, UT - Coty Prestige
  • August 20:    Dillard's Fashion Place Murray UT
  • ​August 21:     Dillard's Fashion Place Murray UT
  • November 11: Dillard's Provo UT
  • ​November 19: Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Civic Center
  • December 3:  Bentonville, Arksansas for Hospital Charitable Fund Raising event
  • December 9, 10, 11:  Las Vegas, NV for Stella Artois event
  • ​December 17: Dillard's Provo UT
  • December 18, 19, 20: Boise, ID for Stella Artois event at local stores
  • December 23:  Murray UT Angel Fragrance at Nordstrom/Fashion Place

We continually do our art work and often use the images as a means to begin our glass engraving.  If you desire to see other images we have done (both color as well as black and white), just let us know as prints are available with an average price of $25. per print. Thanks for looking!

Would you like us to engrave at your special event?

Feel free to contact us at your convenience.  We shall be glad to provide our terms and pricing for you!  Email Don Tate at don@tateglassengraving.com or dontate1@gmail.com.  

If you prefer, simply call (214) 566-2644 from

8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. MST.  Thank you.

How We Are Different Than Other Glass Engravers...

Hundreds of Stella Artois chalices were engraved just the way the customer requested!

Just a few our our many items for sale.  If you don't see what you want, please inquire within...thank you!

Experienced glass engravers and professional calligraphers for many years, we add a dimension to the more traditional glass engraving methods by utilizing an American western motif for a large part our work. 

To see what we do, simply go to "Examples of Our Work."  We are sure you will be surprised and enjoy what you see.

To learn who we are and why we have chosen to specialize in a American Western glass motif, in addition to utilization of the more traditional engraving methodology, please go to "About Us". We are confident you will like what you see.

Thanks for taking time to look!

Don and Ron Tate

  • Inasmuch as all glass engraving is done as a "one-of-a-kind" piece of art, please note that our pricing structure is based entirely on the specific item(s) to be engraved, its details and rendering, the specific glass used as well as any travel that may be required to perform the services. For particular requests, please feel free to request a quote for all services rendered. You will receive a quote within two business days of your request.


  • Payment for services rendered are VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover cash, (where possible), money order, check or Paypal. Check(s) are to be payable to the actual engraver, either Ron Tate or Don Tate.  
  • Call us for details when ordering. We want to make certain that you get your order exactly as you desire it to be!
  • Pricing includes shipping and handling unless otherwise noted.  Orders to be sent outside the continental U.S. require additional postage costs and will be quoted separately.  

April 16, 2016... we were at Nordstrom Fashion Place (Salt Lake City, UT) in the Fragrance Department and engraved many fragrance bottles for their customers.  We enjoyed meeting both customers and sales personnel!

Join us on Facebook and Twitter... just look for Tate Glass Engraving... lots of pictures showing where we get our inspiration from for our Western Art.  Thanks!

What is Happening in our World?

Engraving at the 2016 Sundance Festival Event at Park City, Utah

If you would like specific pictures that will help you make your decision, please let us know and we will send you images for those you select.  

First time ever!

Get our book on how to engrave glass using the tools we use!Go to "About Us" for details!  Updated in 2016!

Resolution received August 2016 from the International Association of Master Penmen and Teachers of Handwriting in Portland, Oregon for establishment of the Tate Grant, professional work and dedication to the international calligraphy community.

We are delighted to be on Etsy. Should you see any of our products, please feel free to use the online services or stores that best suit your needs.

All glass you see is hand engraved using a drill. There is no sandblasting or etching on the glass.

Pricing for Hand Engraving

Engraving at Nordstrom.

​​​Tate Glass Engraving    

Most recent engravings below! See examples of our work for details and price.